Terms of service

1. Be Happy Museum is a place where visitors can take photos and videos for their own use with unique sets, accessories and illusion scenes.

2. Product shoots, commercial shoots or any product placement is payable and requires permission from:
Be Happy Museum - hello@behappymuseum.com

3. The premises are monitored. By entering the premises you accept our regulations.

4. Please be advised that this is not a playroom and every child under 10 years old staying in the museum must stay under the care of a parent/guardian. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of children at Be Happy. No running is allowed.

5. You can leave your jackets in the cloakroom, but you should take your bags and other valuables with you. Be Happy Museum is not responsible for items left behind.

6. In autumn and winter, please take off your shoes before entering the attractions.

7. It is forbidden to bring drinks and food products. Please do not chew gum in the room.

8. It is forbidden to stand on the swings and please do not knock the swing against the walls.

9. It is forbidden to jump into the pool, due to the hard floor.

10. For safety reasons, do not sit on the unicorn. Do not hang on exhibits attached to the walls, e.g. Donuts, ice cream.

11. Design and exhibits are the property of the Be Happy Museum brand. We ask everyone not to destroy elements of the set and furnishings. The perpetrator is responsible for the damage caused, and in the case of minors, their legal guardian.

12. Be Happy staff have the right to shorten the stay at attractions of people behaving aggressively and not complying with the Terms of Service or staff instructions.

13. The owner of Be Happy is not responsible for the safety of persons and children who do not comply with the Terms of Service.

14. Visiting time for attractions is not limited - it lasts about 60 minutes on average. Certain scenes at the request of staff may have a limited time.

 15. Be Happy Museum reserves the right to change scenes without information.

The data controller and website operator is as follows:

al. Papieża Jana Pawła II 3-4
70-413 Szczecin, Polska
VAT No.: 8512102417